Email Campaigns & Graphic Design

Kelowna Honda Powerhouse & VI Honda

I do a multitude of projects for KHP and VI Honda. One of the main things I do are both dealers monthly newsletters. For these newsletters, I organize gathering all the information needed with each Dealers Manager. I write most of the copy myself and I create all the images used. I use Campaigner for the e-mail campaigns, I code them as HTML in Sublime Text before I bring that into Campaigner to then add all of the images. Here are two examples of email campaigns!
VI Honda - March Newsletter
KHP - February Newsletter

We Buy Used is something the dealers want to push and market strongly as many customers don't know that this service is offered to help them sell their units or trade up. I am showcasing this We Buy Used poster that was sent to print to hang in the stores.

We Buy Used Poster

KHP had a very outdated thin banner that featured Core Values as shown below that needed updating. I came up with re-designing the Core Values onto an acrylic sign with stainless steel standoffs and a frosted background.

Core Values Before Updating

Re-Designed Core Values Sign

I put together different sized ads for KHP that I send to Castanet regularly. This is a mobile ad used to feature Power Equipment. The button has a strong CTA, yet doesn't visually disturb the ad as much as a larger button which reads "tap" would. There are two wrap ads to follow to showcase a different format of ads that I create.

Power Event Castanet Mobile Ad

Power Event Castanet Mobile Ad

Power Event Castanet Mobile Ad

VI Honda requested an inside cover ad in the Yacht Club Yearbook. I decided to keep the look clean and simple, with large images.

VI Magazine Ad

KHP had a board to advertise on at the Kelowna Dirt Bike Club. The manager of KHP wanted the ad to be very simple and big so it could be read from far. I learnt through this project that sometimes you have to drop what you visioned for the project because at the end of the day the boss is always. I wanted to design a more visually appealing ad, but near the end of the project I understood why everything had to be so large and easy to read.

KHP Board Ad