Company Branding

Boka Nail Polish

Boka is a nail polish brand that I have created as I felt the nail polish industry was missing a modern, stylish polish company. For my company I wanted to incorporate a crisp, and cutting-edge design to my branding from the logo, to the bottle design. Boka’s polish color lineup will be unlike any other brand, it will not feature bright and neon colors nor will it create any polish that has sparkles. Instead, Boka will carry polish colors that are neutral and toned down.

Logo Creation

When brainstorming a name for my nail polish company I reached many roadblocks until I finally decided to mix two words together. I thought, what is a word to describe myself, Blunt was the answer, and then I thought where do I want to live for the rest of my life and call home, and the answer was in the Okanagan valley ( Kelowna ). I mixed the B and Oka, giving me Boka!

Boka Logo

Product Brief & Email Newsletter

I've created a product brief for Boka to give information on my product. I used illustrator to create a 3D model of the bottle that will be produced to contain my heavily pigmented polish. 

In the email newsletter, I wanted to offer incentives for the users to visit Boka's website, and place an order.