Website Design & Logo

The Brooks Da Vinci Foundation

The Brooks da Vinci Foundation is a private grant maker that awards grants and education to student entrepreneurs with outstanding business ideas. This is a made-up company that I created a logo and website design for. The feel I wanted to go for with the website was educational, professional, and sophisticated. This website is geared towards offering grants through applications, as well as providing programs to enrol into. We want the users to be intrigued and motivated to learn more, and have the extra information readily available, but the idea is to let the user explore. The user should not feel overwhelmed or feel that there is a lack of information so the balance is important.

brooks da vinci website design

brooks da vinci website design

The Process

The following images are the steps I followed in order to reach the final web design. Every step was thought out, and together creates a final design that is very professional and has touched on all the aspects that were envisioned for the site.

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